An obscure Green Arrow villain who hasn't appeared post-Crisis. Another in my continuing attempts to provide obscure villains to all the world! :-)
Real Name: David Drayson
Base of Operations: Star City
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human
Advantages: Intimidating Grin, Speed Draw (slingshots)
Disadvantages: Extremely Competitive, Psychological Disorder (Hates police officers), Enemy (Green Arrow)
Reflexes: 2D
Brawling 4D, dodge 3D, driving 3D, melee weapons 3D
Coordination: 3D
Catch 4D, marksmanship 6D, missile weapons (slingshot) 11D
Physique: 4D
Lifting 6D
Knowledge: 2D
Scholar (slingshot weaponry) 4D
Perception: 2D
Shadowing 3D
Presence: 2D
Intimidation 4D
PDV : 2
Unarmed BDV : 3D
P/l Bonus : + 3
Villain Points: 6 Body Points : 44
Character Points: 35 Equipment : Slingshots (BDV : 2D); Slingshot may occasionally use trick weaponry -- exploding shells, gas shells, etc. In that case, use the stats for Green Arrow's equipment as a basis.
History : Borrowed from the Green Arrow Compendium

Slingshot was a master at the weapon from which he took his name. Earlier in his life, he had faced the same judge that ruled that Oliver Queen must declare bankruptcy. David Drayson was convicted of killing a police officer during a crime. He was clearly a psychotic killer who saw the police as a symbol of persecution. He honestly believed the cop he killed forced him to commit the act. All David Drayson's life had been heading towards the day where he was sentenced to life imprisonment but escaped and donned the costume and disguise as Slingshot. Drayson grew up in a ghetto area of Star City known as "the Swamp".

Several times this villain crossed paths with Green Arrow and Black Canary during the latter half of the Star City days. On several occassions, Slingshot and Green Arrow crossed paths and faced each other in a showdown. For a short time there, he became a sort of arch enemy to Oliver Queen.

Slingshot worked for a crime lord in Star City known as "Boss" Barney Breed whom Green Arrow also had to take down. During a bust by the Emerald Archer, Slingshot escaped. On his trail, Green Arrow caught up with Slingshot after the villain had robbed another crook of a half a million dollars in order to get out of town.

Green Arrow, who had been knocked down previously a few times by Slingshot, this time, put away the trick arrows and used a razor tipped arrow in which he used to take down Slingshot as he sent the arrow through the villains shoulder. Slingshot was sent to prison.

Months later, Oliver Queen himself, was on trial for contempt of court in failing to reveal the name of an informant to a judge. Ollie was sentenced to prison for several months. While in prison, Ollie found himself there with "Boss" Breed and Slingshot whom he put there. During his stay in prison, there was a jail break attempt lead by Slingshot as the power went out and the electronic cells unlocked which released the prisoners. While there, Ollie made a makeshift bow out of his pieces from his cot and he faced David Drayson again whom also made a makeshift slingshot. Ollie covered his face in order not to reveal his identity while in prison as he faced Slingshot during the jail break.

The two faced each other again and Oliver was able to outshoot and stop Slingshot and put an end to the jailbreak. Later, Oliver was released from jail.

Slingshot would escape from prison one more time. He would find himself now in the employ of someone who equally hated Green Arrow just as much. Her name was Mrs. Hollinger. She was the mother of Richard Hollinger. Her son was the sniper that Green Arrow accidently killed one night which made Ollie have a nervous breakdown in which he entered the Ashram Monastery years earlier.

Mrs. Hollinger wanted revenge and wanted to drive Green Arrow insane. She hired Slingshot to kidnap Black Canary. She convinced Slingshot that he would ambush and kill Green Arrow, yet Mrs. Hollinger double crossed Slingshot. Green Arrow was captured by Slingshot's hoods and was brought to the warehouse where Mrs. Hollinger switched the arrowheads of Ollie's trick arrows.

When Oliver awoke and got his arrows, he faced Slingshot again where he shot an arrow and appeared to kill Slingshot. Mrs. Hollinger had double crossed Slingshot and was hoping Ollie would have another nervous breakdown but he feigned one and then got himself out of submission.

Now, the double crossed Slingshot held both Mrs. Hollinger and Black Canary hostage. Now, in a showdown, Oliver faced Slingshot one last time in a duel as he held Black Canary his prisoner. With a trick shot, instead, Ollie fired and shot the gag off of Dinah's mouth. Then, with lightning speed, Black Canary let loose one of her Canary cries and knocked out Slingshot. Both Mrs. Hollinger and Slingshot went to prison

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