Santa Claus™

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Chris Cringle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Many others

Base of Operations: North Pole

Marital Status: Married

Race: Elf

Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Sense of Direction, Animal Friendship (Reindeer), Charismatic, Contacts (Coca Cola), Double Jointed, Familiars 20D (Reindeer), Followers 25D (Elves), Leadership Ability, Magically Adept 10D, Mechanical Aptitude, Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Photographic Memory, Preparedness, Renown 8D, Wealth 12D

Disadvantages: Employed, Fanatic, Moral Code, Obsessive Tendencies (Can’t resist Milk and Cookies)

Reflexes: 4D

Climbing 5D (Chimneys +10D), Dodge 7D, Driving 5D (Sleigh +10D), Piloting 5D (Sleigh +10D), Sneak 12D

Coordination: 4D

Catch 5D (Presents +7D)

Physique: 3D

Leap 6D, Lifting 4D, Resistance 15D

Knowledge: 3D

Arcane Lore 8D (Christmas, Elves +7D), Computer Ops 4D, Languages 15D (Native: Elvish), Navigation 15D, Scholar 4D (Toy Making +12D), Security 12D

Perception: 5D

Engineering 6D (Toy Design +10D), Hide 9D, Invent 6D (Toys +10D), Know How 9D, Repair 8D, Surveillance 6D (Naughty or Nice Children +14D), Survival 6D (Winter +11D)

Presence: 5D

Animal Handling 8D (Reindeer +7D), Charm 12D (Laugh +3D), Command 6D (Children +5D, Elves +8D), Persuasion 11D, Willpower 8D

PDV: 4

Unarmed BDV: 1D

P/L Bonus: +2

Hero Points: 40

Body Points: 35

Character Points: 500

Natural Abilities: Immortal, Immunity 15D


Powers: ESP (Children) 40D, Wizardry 15D, Temporal Manipulation 10D, Speak with Animals 5D (Mastery: Reindeer)


Note: All of Santa’s Powers except Wizardry share the advantage of Magically Empowered 8D.



Reindeer drawn Sleigh

Reflexes 3D, Dodge 5D, Pilot-Self 6D, Coordination 3D, Physique 5D, Flying 9D, Leap 8D, Lifting 10D, Running 10D, Knowledge 1D, Perception 3D, Presence 2D Speed: 110, PDV 3, P/L Bonus: +5, Body Points: 30 Natural Abilities: Flight 25D, Speed Manipulation 12D, Hoof (BDV: 1). Note Rudolf, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, and Vixen combine their Speed Manipulation with Santa’s Temporal Manipulation so that they can get all the presents out to the children in the span of one evening. Also all of their abilities are Magically Empowered 8D,



Reflexes 5D, Dodge 7D, Sneak 6D, Coordination 5D, Physique 3D, Leap 8D, Knowledge 2D, Arcane Lore 3D (Christmas, Elves +3D), Scholar 3D (Toy Making +10D), Perception 3D, Artist (Singing) 6D, Engineering 4D (Toy Design +6D), Invent 4D (Toys +6D), Repair (Toys) 7D, Presence 2D, Charm 5D, Persuasion 5D, Willpower 5D, Speed: 30, PDV 3, P/L Bonus: +2, Body Points: 30 Natural Abilities: Immortal, Immunity 15D



A merry old elf with red and white clothes. Eight flying reindeer later joined by Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. A home located on or near the North Pole. The habit of filling socks or stockings with presents on the night of December 24th. Also the habit of entering houses through the chimney.

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