West End Games Homepage
The makers of the DCU game

Other Earths Site
Great site with many writeups

DC Universe Watchtower
Includes homebrew rules, race packages and more. Mainly designed for online campaigns, but useful for tabletop players as well.

Just A Rat's DC Universe Page
A wonderful new site, with writeups for one of my favorite groups -- the Outsiders!

Villains and Vigilantes Emporium
Not a DCU page, but devoted to another superhero rpg

The Game Sector
Writeups for a few original characters using the DCU system.

The Matrix
A free sourcebook using both the classic D6 system and the DCU system. Devoted to the movie, The Matrix.

Heroes Homepage
Writeups for a variety of game systems. Has only a few for the DCU game.

DC Comics Online
official DC Comics site

DC Heroes RPG FAQ Page
A great resource for the old DC Heroes game, published back in the late 1980s.

DC Planet 2k
A great resource for DC fans!

My Homepage
Where you can find out all my professional writings and interests

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